Mergers & Acquisitions

... "buy or die" there is no escape! By the end of this decade, all global companies will have been faced by some sort of mergers or acquisitions. M&A has become a standard in corporate strategies. Research on mergers and acquisitions claim, that up to 70% of mergers have not fulfilled the acquirers expectations. Experiences for M&A exist and seem to be ignored based on the assumtion that every acquisition is unique and the same merger mistakes appear again and again.

As M&A is mainly driven by finance professionals, most M&A decisions are reduced to monetary issues. The investigation of strategic and cultural differences are suppressed and lead to failures in the post merger integration.

With leading companies, Wolfgang Braun has developed a M&A process which was used in more than 100 acquisitions in high tech industries (i.e.. Automotive, Aerospace, IT, Telecommunications, Services). This modular approach is adjustable to the size of the companies and leads to substantial Go / No Go decisions. 

You can get access to the experiences and M&A process